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Protease Inhibitor cocktail for bacterial cell culture

Product Code: PIC-B1

Price: $65.00

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Description:A speciallyformulated cocktail of four protease inhibitors with broad specificity for theinhibition of aspartic, cysteine, serine, and metalloproteases, as well asaminopeptidases. Recommended for use with bacterial cell extracts.

Reconstitute each vial with 1ml H2O to obtain a 100x concentrated stocksolution. 1x stock solution contains 2 mM bestatin, 0.3mM pepstatin A, 100mM PMSF and 0.3mME-64. Onevial of cocktail is recommendfor inhibition of 20g of bacterial cells.

Storage Condition:

Storecocktail at-20oC. The cocktail is supplied as a white lyophilizedsolid powder , and stable for a year.


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