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WST-1 cell proliferation assay, 1000 Rxn

Product Code: CP-006

Price: $398.00

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The Cell Proliferation Reagent WST-1 is a ready-to-use colorimetric assay for the nonradioactive quantification of cellular proliferation, viability, and cytotoxicity. Sample material is either adherent or suspension cells cultured in 96-well microplates.

  • Convenient: Benefit from a ready-to-use reagent.
  • Safe and Easy: Eliminate radioactive isotopes, washing steps, and additional reagents.
  • Accurate: The absorbance obtained strongly correlates to the cell number.
  • Sensitive: Detect low cell numbers.
  • Fast: Process a large number of samples using a multi-well ELISA reader.


Ready-to-use solution, containing WST-1 and an electron coupling reagent.


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