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Mouse Tail Quick Extraction and Amplification Kit

Product Code: MAQA-1

Price: $165.00

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MAQA-1 Quick extraction and amplification kit, 100 reactions


Extraction solution at 40C
Taq supermix at -200C
Kit Content:
  1. Solution A, 10ml (Cat# MAQ-1)
  2. Solution B, 10ml (Cat#MAQ-1)
  3. Taq supermix with loading dye, 100 reactions (Cat# MAT-3.1)
  1. Cut 0.2 cm tail snip from mice (or small section of tissue)
  1. Place the tail snip into 100ul solution A in a 0.2ml PCR tube and incubate at 950C using a PCR machine for 30-60 minutes.
  1. Chill sample to room temperature and then vortex to mix the sample.
  1. Add 100ul of solution B, vortex to mix
  1. Use 1-2ul of above mixture to run PCR reaction immediately or store the mixture at -20oC

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