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hPDE10A2 HEK293

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Product Description
Recombinant HEK293 cell line expressing human PDE10A2 (phosphodiesterase 10A ,
accession number NM_006661).


Each vial contains 1 X 10^6 cells in 1 ml of 10% DMSO.


PDE10A plays a key role in signal transduction by regulating the intracellular
concentration of cyclic nucleotides. PDE10A hydrolyzes both cAMP and cGMP to
nucleoside 5'-monophosphate, but exhibits higher affinity for cAMP, and it utilizes
cAMP more efficiently as a substrate (Fujishige K. et al., 1999).

cAMP is an critical second messenger that is required for the proper biological responses
of cells to hormones and other extracellular signals. It is required for cellular
communication in the hypothalamus/pituitary gland axis and for the feedback control of
hormones (Alewijnse A.E. et al., 1997). cAMP is also involved in the activation of
protein kinases and ion channel regulation.

Fujishige K, et al. (1999). "Cloning and characterization of a novel human
phosphodiesterase that hydrolyzes both cAMP and cGMP (PDE10A)." J. Biol. Chem.
274 (26): 18438–45.

Alewijnse, AE, et al. (1997). “Modulation of forskolin-mediated adenylyl cyclase
activation by constitutively active Gs-coupled receptors.” FEBS Letters 419 (2-3): 171-


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