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Bacterial protein extraction kit - 2000 ml

Product Code: BPE-1

Price: $199.00

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Bacterial protein extraction kit for 1 littler of bacterial culture Kit cotent: 10x lysis buffer 5ml DNase/RNase 200ul Lysozyme 1ml PMSF 500ul 2x SDS gel-loading buffer 200ul Bacterial protein extraction kit is designed for the lysis of bacterial cells for the purification of recombinant and wild type proteins. It is useful for the preparation of high inclusion bodies. There is no need for speical eqipment such as a sonicator. This methos is fast and obtains high yields of protein. The gental, non-ionic extraction method can be used to extract functionally soluble proteins without a need for secondary treatment such as sonication or freeze/thaw. The kit provides reagent for extracting bacterial protein from 1 liter medium.


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