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BP-Fectin, 1.5ml

Product Code: BP-Fectin-1

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BP-FectinTM mammalian cell transfection reagent is a proprietary formulation of cationic polymers optimized for high transfection efficiency, low cytotoxicity, and ease of use. BP-FectinTM transfection reagent is a superior alternative to a number of other transfection techniques including calcium phosphate coprecipitation, electroporation, microinjection, biolistic particle delivery, and complex formation with DEAE-dextran. BP-Fectin transfection reagent offers excellent performance in both stable and transient transfection of both mammalian and insect cells. 1.5ml ml of BP-FectinTM transfection reagent provides enough reagent to perform up to 400x1ug transfections. BP-FectinTM transfection reagent is supplied as a ready-to-use sterile solution and is Ideal for high-throughput transfection in a multi-well plate format.

Advantages High transfection efficiency for both adherent and suspension cells.

High transfection efficiency for both stable and transient transfections.

High transfection efficiency in both serum-containing and serum-free media.

Simple and easy to use with highly reproducibility.

No need to remove media after transfection.

Minimal cytotoxicity.

Storage Store BP-FectinTM mammalian cell transfection reagent at 4C.

General considerations

Cells should be sub-cultured regularly to avoid over confluent growth. Use only healthy and rapidly growing cells for transfection. Conditions for cell growth and density should be consistent for optimal reproducibility.

Use only highly purified endotoxin-free DNA for transfection.

Serum will enhance transfection efficiency. However, serum must not be present at the time of DNA/ BP-FectinTM complex formation.

Cell types The following cell lines are successfully transfected by BPFectin: COS-&, HepG2, MCF7, PC12, CHO, VERO, MDCK< MDBK,, and 293 cells.


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