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Collagen I coated ,Colorimetric Assay, 96-well

Product Code: ECM-1011

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96-well Cell Adhesion Assay

(Collagen I coated, Colorimetric Assay)

Catalog Number: ECM-1011, 96 assays

Storage: Upon arrival store the components at 4C.

Introduction: Due to its diverse nature and composition, the ECM can serve many functions, such as providing support and anchorage for cells, segregating tissues from one another, and regulating intercellular communication. The ECM regulates a cell's dynamic behavior. In addition, it sequesters a wide range of cellular growth factors, and acts as a local depot for them. Changes in physiological conditions can trigger protease activities that cause local release of such depots. This allows the rapid and local growth factor-mediated activation of cellular functions, without de novo synthesis.

Formation of the extracellular matrix is essential for processes like growth, wound healing and fibrosis. An understanding of ECM structure and composition also helps in comprehending the complex dynamics of tumor invasion and metastasis in cancer biology as metastasis often involves the destruction of extracellular matrix[3] by enzymes such as serine and Threonine proteases and Matrix metalloproteinase.

BioPioneer Cell Adhesion Microplate Assays are designed for the determination of the relative attachment of adherent cell lines to extracellular matrix proteins such as Human Fibronectin , Human Laminin , and Bovine Collagen IV .

Principle of the assay

BioPioneer 96-well Cell Adhesion Assays are designed for the determination of cell attachment to ECM proteins. After incubation followed by a brief wash step, attached cells are quantified with the dye. BSA-coated wells serve as a negative control, and poly-L-lysine-coated wells serve as a positive control for general attachment.

Kit Components

1. Collagen I Adhesion Plate (Part No. ECM-10111): One 96-well plate containing 72 Bovine Collagen I coated wells , 8 BSA-coated wells and 8 poly-lysine coated wells (see layout below)

2. Cell Stain Solution (Part No. 10001): One Bottle 10.0 ml

3. Extraction Solution (Part No. 10002): One Bottle 10.0 ml

Materials Not Supplied

1. Cell culture medium

2. Serum free medium, such as DMEM containing 0.5% BSA, 2 mM CaCl2 and 2 mM MgCl2

4. 1X PBS

5. 96-well microtiter plate


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