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200ul Sterile universal low binding barrier tips, 960/pk

Product Code: GSO3965T

Price: $135.00

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200ul Sterile universal low binding barrier tips, 96/rack, 10 racks/pack. A long, sleek tip with an optimal barrier placement allows this pipet tip to be used with 20ul, 50ul, 100ul and 200ul pipettors. It also eliminates the need to inventory several sizes of barrier tips. 1 tip replaces 4 catalog numbers! Features include an extremely clear resin, extended length, soft-fit collar for a reliable seal, fine point delivery orifice, easy eject on multi-channel and single channel pipettors and graduation marks at 10ul, 50ul, 100ul and 200ul. Volume Range: 1-235ul (max volume reported on Eppendorf 30-300ul 8-channel pipettor).


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